Here are the quick answers!

  • “Saving thousands of dollars off retail book prices”
  • ”Road Worthy, WSP certified vehicles”
  • “YES branded titles can be financed”
  • “Extended Warranty Available”


Welcome home! All star cars was established in 2016. In a short amount of time we have managed to become the most successful branded Title dealership in the states of Washington. Here’s why you should purchase a branded Title from us!

The most important benefit includes saving thousands of dollars off retail book prices.

“Is a branded Title worth anything if I try to sell it?” EVERY vehicle has a value. A branded Title is typically worth 75% of Clean Title value depending on the vehicle. This translates to $5,000 in saving for a $20,000 vehicle. Vehicles, no matter the Title status lose value over time and miles. By purchasing a vehicle priced thousands less than others you are minimizing your total loss over time by paying less upfront. Our goal is provide a platform for everyone to be able to save thousands of dollars while enjoying a car that fulfills your needs and wants!


“Doesn’t a car have to be damaged beyond repairs or beyond 50% of the value of the car to be written off by the insurance company?”

For most part insurance companies, similarly to most companies are working toward maximizing their profits. In order to do that they have to either send the vehicle to the insurance auto auction or pay for repairs. More often than not it is more profitable to send it to the insurance auto auction where a dealer like us will purchase it. A “salvage Title” means that the vehicle could have been repaired by the insurance company, instead for the insurance company’s benefit they chose to write off their losses by sending the vehicle to an auto insurance auction to be sold. A Title can be branded for reasons including theft recovery, collision, repossession, rejected repair, interior or exterior burn, hail/storm damage, water recovery, and/or manufacturer buyback.


Here at All Star Cars LLC, we have partnered up with PREFERRED WARRANTIES INC “PWI”. They offer some of the best vehicle protection plans. PWI has the right coverage for the right vehicle and at the right price. For more details about the warranty on the car that is of interest to you call us at (509) 579-0315! Every vehicle is also required to pass a state inspection by the state of Washington to make sure the vehicle is road-worthy and approved for registration.


Through our experience and thorough research, we have found and established relationships with some of the best credit unions and banks in the Pacific North West! With us, the Title status does not change the rate or ability to be approved! Meaning, the interest rate is the same as it would be on a clean Title! Thus, YES branded titles can be financed!